The Non-Midas Touch: Silver Engagement Rings


Silver invokes thoughts of beautiful winter nights with snow falling gently from the sky. . .

Silver also reminds us of elegant tableware, and 50-year anniversaries. So why not start your marriage out right with a silver engagement ring? It’s a great way to begin a wonderful union.

Silver colored engagement rings may be crafted from silver, white gold, or platinum. All can be beautiful options, and your imagination (or that of the designer) is all that limits you.

Any style that is available in gold is available in silver, from very traditional settings to the most modern and contemporary. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

From the production standpoint, the type of precious metal used will have an effect on the appearance, durability, creation, and the price. Just so you know, precious metals used in jewelry are not used in their pure forms. What we know of as “gold” is a combination of gold, silver, and copper, each in varying degrees. The karat of gold refers to how much gold is in the mixture.

Silver is an affordable option that is very attractive. Platinum is heavier, and may be finished in a matte or shine; it depends on the whims of the jeweler. White gold is a mixture that has very little … copper (not gold!) and is therefore a mix of gold and silver. Pure gold, while used by some, is generally considered too soft to be used for jewelry.

Why choose sterling silver over white gold or platinum? Appearance is a primary reason, as well as cost. Truth be told, you could get yourself a silver engagement ring, pay much less, and have one of the most beautiful rings you’re likely to see. Another consideration is, well, if you spend less on the band, you’ll have more to spend on the diamond.

Okay, you might be a non-conformist, wanting a sterling silver engagement ring and not interested in a mighty rock – but it’s just something to keep in mind. White gold is a nice option that is chosen primarily for the visual appeal. White gold still has a yellowish hint to it, so it is not as “silver” as silver., a reputable online jeweler, has a spectacular range of silver (the color – not the metal!) engagement rings using white gold or platinum.

Platinum, on the other hand, is much denser and harder to work with, so will cost more because of the weight and because it takes a skilled craftsperson to work with it. So if you’re not so much interested in the rock, but want quality and a fine piece of art on your finger, platinum can be a fabulous choice. Or, if money is no object, go for broke and throw in the rock too!

One of the few drawbacks to choosing a silver metal ring is that silver is soft and will tarnish and scratch over time. So it’s quite likely that you’ll need to replace the band eventually. But who knows? By then you may have changed your mind, and style, and want a yellow gold band instead.

Whichever way you go – silver, white gold or platinum – you’re likely to be quite satisfied with your silver engagement ring, I promise you!