7 Budget Style Wedding Gifts

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1. Interview the couple’s parents and friends on video; capture their love, good wishes and emotions on video. After shooting all the material you need, get it edited for free by a whiz pal, or pay a minimal fee at a graphic studio. Intersperse each person’s sound bytes with beautiful baby pictures of the bride and groom. The bride and groom will treasure your thoughtful gift for ever. Your expenditure will be next to nothing, other than the video editing service, if you use your digital camera or your phone’s camera.


2. Identify your strongest skill and use it to create a memorable gift. If you a good seamstress, buy some lace cloth in bulk on discount and make attractive curtains for the couple’s home.

3. Buy plain crockery for cheap and paint beautiful nature scapes, sea scapes and pretty pictures of mermaids on them. Your unique crockery set will be much loved by your friends!

4. If housekeeping is your strongest skill, clean your friends’ new home from top to bottom and polish all metal fittings. Nothing says ‘welcome to a new life’ better than a shiny, clean new home! Tie a pretty pink ribbon on the front door to welcome them when they return from their honeymoon.


5. Buy an old copy of the Kama Sutra secondhand, bind it in colorful cloth and keep it by the side of your friends’ bed. For a fun, whacky perspective, leave a few boxes of different kinds of condoms next to the book!

6. Prepare items like edible condoms, sex toys and a pair of kinky handcuffs. For a nice extra touch, individually wrap liqueur chocolates in shiny paper and throw them randomly into the basket.

7. Select the best picture of the wedding couple and get some personalized stamps made to order. This won’t cost you more than 10 USD for 10 stamps.